Innovation Alliance on Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment



General Information

Innovation Alliance on Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment(IATB)is  a non-profit social organization and an independent legal entity based in Beijing. Its establishment was first proposed by Beijing Chest Hospital, and subsequently formed in collaboration with Tianjin Haihe Hospital, Shanxi Institute for Tuberculosis Control and Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital in 2016. Now IATB has grown into an organization consisting of 128 members including87 institutions and 41 enterprises. Aiming to improve capabilities of TB specialized medical institutions and promote development in TB diagnosis and treatment, IATB functions as an exchange platform serving and connecting the industry, academia and most importantly frontline clinicians.

IATB guides the operation of its two subunits, namely China Tuberculosis Hospital Consortium and China Tuberculosis Clinical Trial Consortium(CTCTC) and establishes strategic collaborative relationship with China Center of Disease Control’s (China CDC) TB prevention and clinical wing, as well as the Chinese Society for Tuberculosis under the Chinese Medical Association.

IATB operates in a system of council. A secretariat is formed to carry out routine administrative works. And the secretariat is consisted of 9 offices namely, administrative office, finance office, research office, project management office, education & training office, laboratory quality control office, telemedicine office, intelligent medicine office and international affairs office.


IATB’s Mission Statement

IATB bends on serving and connecting professionals working in the field of TB control and clinical treatment all over the country. And it attempts to promote technological innovations in TB treatment and diagnosis by facilitating the incorporation and collaboration among the industry, the academia and the frontline clinicians, eventually raising the standards and quality of TB treatment and diagnosis, making an important contribution to the overall efforts to curb TB epidemic by uniting relevant industries, epidemiological as well as clinical institutions in China.


Operation Scope

1.Conducting theoretical research, carrying out clinical trials, research and development of new products and technologies.

2.Facilitating the translation of scientific revelations into practical and marketable technologies.

3.Establishing a mechanism by which collaboration between enterprises and medical institutions is made possible. Promoting the application of emerging products and technologies.

4.Constructing a multi-purpose platform on which services such as group purchasing, remote medical consultation, are made available, while a big database and a specimen bank are constructed as well.

5.Organizing and hosting scholarly events such as academic conferences, forums.

6. Undertaking entrusted services, including clinical trial monitoring, assessment of emerging products and technologies etc.

7.Organizing training sessions and providing further education opportunities to frontline clinicians, improving the quality and standards of TB management, treatment and diagnosis as well as disease control.

8.Initiating and participating in the drafting and amending of field regulations and technical guidelines, promoting regulated treatment and diagnosis.

9.Carrying out philanthropic works, such as public donations. Supporting public welfare activities such as academic exchanges, health promotion efforts, advocating and communicating knowledge of TB prevention and treatment as well as patient care.

10.Publication of original theoretical researches, case research reports, training materials along with other internally circulating materials.

11.Providing conference and exhibition services.

12.Undertaking government procurement services and project commissions from private as well as public sectors.

13.Organizing and hosting international conferences. Undertaking international projects. Initiating and participating in international exchanges and cooperation.